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Public Health & Safety

Details of the Services we offer in

Public Health Support:

1. Design & Sizing of Underground & Overhead Storage Tanks
2. Gravity based water supply distribution
3. Hydro Pneumatic Water Supply Distribution
4. Water Hammer Arresting
5. Sewage Collection, Conveyance, Disposal and Re-Use
6. Storm Water Collection, Conveyance, Disposal and Re-Use
7. Pre-action and Deluge System Design
8. Surface & Sub-surface drainage design
9. Rain water harvesting
10.Water Treatment Plants
11.Sewage Treatment Plants
12.Effluent Treatment Plants
13.Heat Pump based Central hot water generation
14.Hybrid solar and conventional hot water generation
15.Diesel/Electric/gas based hot water generation
16. Steam Generation Systems
17. Solid Waste Management
18. Landscape Irrigation
19. Gas Banks


20. Green Building Designs
21. Water Demand Calculation
22. Cold and hot water distribution system
23. Dual Plumbing system
24. Solar Hot water system
25. swimming pool system
26. Steam Distribution System
27. Condensate recovery system
28. sewage treatment plant
29. Water treatment plant
30. Hot water generator & steam boiler capacity
31. Water balancing system
32. Fire fighting hydrand and sprinkler system
33. Plant Room Layout system
34. Storm water drainage system
35. Sewer water drainage system
36. Rain water harvesting system
37. Plumbing and fire fighting Electric Panel

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