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Our engineers, consultants, and advisers evolve an effective approach and methodology to ensure sustainable design for a better tomorrow. Through integrated thinking and a truly interdisciplinary, interconnected community of passionate experts We approach sustainable and balanced ecosystem design.

Our aim to provide energy-efficient systems which are cost-effective, reliable, and high-performing using modern technologies, and years of sustainable practices.

JMB Design Studio was established on the belief in energy-efficient design to reduce carbon footprints and provide sustainable solutions.
In recent years we have delivered more than 165 major projects of all sizes and types within & outside  India. JMB is registered with MSME, UAI. We are always being very innovative, working for cost-effective solutions, low energy consuming solutions as per today`s requirement.
Our success motto is client satisfaction, diverse experience, professionalism, and continuous focus on improvement particularly in sustainable design.
Our MEP team work as an integrated project team to provide complete building services solutions under one roof.
At JMB, the design of the services system is a process that begins with ideas translated into plans, which are then carefully coordinated through each phase of activity to produce the desired environment and facility. In each phase of design, environment protection, energy conservation, and use of new materials, appropriate technologies are the guiding factors for the finalization of design solutions.



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