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Electrical Consultants

Details of the Services we offer in ELECTRICAL SYSTEM DESIGN:

1. Power Distribution
2. Lighting Design
3. Emergency Power Systems
4. Power Quality/Conditioning Design
5. Uninterrupted Power Systems
6. Raised floor Applications
7. Computer/Data Room Facilities
8. System Verification/Testing/Commissioning
9. Lightning Protection
10.Green Building Design
11. Fire Protection System Design

12. Special Hazard Fire Protection Design
13. 1KV/22KV/33KV/66KV SubStations
14. Stand-by Diesel/Gas based Power-Generator Systems
15. Power Distribution Panels & Motor Control Centers
16. APFC Panels
17. Power Distribution Scheme with Rising Main Bus Ducts and Power Cables
18. Harmonics Mitigation and Surge Suppression Systems
19. Earthing Systems
20. Grid Earthing Design
21. Aviation Obstruction Lighting
22. Design of UPS/Inverter Systems
23. Internal Electrification, Cabling, Conducting, Circuit & Point Wiring
24. Solar PV Systems

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